Bahamas Sexual Health & Rights Association (BaSHRA), is a Bahamian non- governmental organisation established in 1985. BaSHRA’s work is grounded in the realities of women and young people who lack economic and social power, and have unmet sexual and reproductive health needs.


BaSHRA strives to ensure that every Bahamian woman is able to make fully informed choices regarding her sexual and reproductive health, including accessing high quality healthcare and modern contraception.

BaSHRA has a reputation of being a small but dynamic organisation, with collaboration and partnership being guiding principles for implementing activities that have broadreach and impact much greater than the organisation’s resources and endowments would otherwise allow. Further, much of the work is accomplished through the charitable support of volunteers.

Bahamas Sexual Health & Rights Association operates as a sexual and reproductive rights education and advocacy platform. We are committed to gender equality, and to eliminating the gender discrimination which threatens individual well-being and leads to the widespread violation of health and human rights, particularly those of young, marginalised women.

Our Mission

The Bahamas Sexual Health & Rights Association's strategic mission can be summed up in the following phrase: “Universal Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health for all Bahamian residents.”


The Association’s commitment is to ensure that all residents of The Bahamas have access to high quality and affordable sexual and reproductive health services is the cornerstone of its programming. Further, the Association holds that sexual and reproductive rights are a part of human rights, and therefore, upholding sexual and reproductive rights adds to the freedom all people, so that they are able to more fully pursue self and community development.



Our Vision


BaSHRA's vision is strengthening institutional capacity to expand the goal of universal access to affordable sexual and reproductive health care for all Bahamians. These guiding principles are the lifeblood of our work, and through education and advocacy, we envision a Bahamas where:


  1. People have control over their own bodies, and therefore their destinies; 

  2. Young adults are free to choose parenthood or not; and free to decide how many children they will have and when; 

  3. Where Bahamians are able to pursue their lives without fear of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

We Need Your Support Today!

Bahamas Sexual Health & Rights Association (BaSHRA)

To find out more information about our organization, to become a member or for charitable donations and resources, please contact us below, we would love to hear from you!

Email: bashra.bahamas@gmail.com

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